• COORDINATE DON'T COPY… Identical matching styles are rarely fashionable or flattering, and there’s no reason your mini-me needs to wear what you wear. One way to keep the entire family looking unified is through coordinating colors. Pick two to three colors that are flattering for everyone and work those colors into each outfit in varying degrees.
  • TURN UP THE TEXTURE… Add interest, personality and lift to your family photos with texture. Whether it’s a nubby sweater, a tweedy scarf or a fur vest, varying textures adds dimension and visual interest.
  • SHINE YOUR SHOES… Nothing ruins a great shot like a beat-up-pair of shoes so please leave your Crocs and cross trainers at home. Instead the entire family should don their best footwear for the occasion, or else ditch them altogether in favor of (clean and pretty) bare feet.

       Keep footwear age-appropriate. For children simple ballet flats, mary jane and loafers are best.

       Heels help. Heels are always a flattering pick for women by enhancing posture, creating a longer line, and generally making a more               flattering silhouette than a flat shoe. BUT DON’T wear them if that’s not you.

  • FLATTER YOUR FIGURE…Choose an outfit that makes you look your best. You should sit, stand and pose in front of a mirror to make sure clothes fit and flatter.
  • DETAILS TO REMEMBER…Nail polish-Chipped polish shows up in pictures. Undergarments-

       Especially bra straps! Make sure your undergarments are appropriate for your outfit. Remember, white will show through many fabrics.           It’s best to stay with a neutral color.

  • AIM FOR CLASSIC YET CURRENT…Ditch the extremely date-able trends and stick to classic shapes. Keep in mind that timeless doesn’t have to be dreary. Details such as color and texture are additional ways to make these items your own.
  • AVOID MAKEUP MISTAKESOne of the most dreaded makeup blunders in photography is when the woman’s face appears to be a completely different color than the rest of her. The rest of the makeup should be a bit colder than what she’d normally wear for your everyday look. Don’t be afraid of color. Make sure there is definition on the eyes, cheeks and lips because these features tend to fade in photographs if they’re not accented with makeup. Beware of doing a very dark, smoky eye, as it may cause the eyes to look like they are sunken. AND it goes without saying, use POWDER, POWDER, POWDER to eliminate shine! Of course, an appointment with a professional makeup artist is a fun and pampering way to kick off the day of the photo session.
  • GROOM THE GUYSSome men are reluctant to switch up their style for family photos, so it’s important to make sure that he feels like himself no matter what he’s wearing.  Make sure his shirt and pants are clean and well pressed – no dingy whites. Socks should match the pants…not the shoes. Dark t-shirts under dark shirts and light t-shirts under light shirts. Otherwise the contrast will stand out and draw attention away from you.
  • ACCESSORIZE ARTFULLY Pick a couple of gorgeous pieces you love and limit it to that. For everyone in the photo, one or two carefully selected embellishments make a stronger impact than piles of careless ones. A statement accessory is called that for a reason. One is best, and two is pushing it. The eye needs the statement pieces to add interest, but it also needs a place to rest. If the accessories are sentimental or meaningful in some way, even better!  Children should look like children. If a single, oversized bow suits her style, go for it, but then scale back her others.

       A smile is your best accessory. You and your family will look beautiful when you’re having fun. Smiling, laughing, being affectionate,           and enjoying your time together will make your session picture perfect.

  • THINK OF A THEME If it suits your style, choose a subtle theme to incorporate into your photo session. The theme can stem from a location, a special family interest, or even from the clothing itself.
  • KEEP HAIR NATURAL The ideal way for you to wear your hair is in the very best version of your natural, everyday look.
  • NO BIG LOGOS... It can truly ruin a photograph. Your eye will go straight to those words, therefore deeming them the most important part of the picture! No to matchymatchy.    Tuck in shirts on the little ones to give waists shape and the outfits a more finished, neat look.
  • NEWBORNS No to little newborn babies in starchy, frilly, or detailed outfits. And no jeans! Babies don’t wear jeans. These outfits make baby drown in the material and they can easily get lost in the photo. Keep babies in simple onesies or soft cotton rompers. Also, make sure that all of baby’s clothes fit perfectly. Sometimes I even suggest sizing down in their onesie if they have just grown into that next size because usually that new size is still too big on them.
  • CONFUSED ABOUT COLOR SCHEME? Look around your home. Is your house light and airy? Then you should go with softer colors and non-busy prints, if any, so the photographs blend in beautifully. Same idea for somebody who loves bright colors. Go for contrast!


     REMEMBER: You don’t need to be a fashionista. You just need to put some thought and care into it. Yes, to keeping it real. You don’t             need to go out and buy something special for the shoot. There’s probably already something in your closet that will work perfectly.                 Keeping it comfy is key, too. Anything stiff and too formal will translate in the picture, especially for kids. Keep the dresses and boys’               clothes in soft cottons or flannels. They’ll be more relaxed, and these materials photograph better, too.