what to wear...

The right clothing choices can make or break having great images. It is so important that you choose clothes that look, fit and feel great. Use the following as a guideline for what to wear and what not to wear. 


 Bring a variety of choices. Include different seasons. There's probably outfits that you always get compliments on. Pay attention to what looks good on you.

Layers are fun. 

Solid colors are a good choice and some smaller patterns can work well too. Neutrals, soft colors, darker tones and earthy colors work the best. That just some suggestions. It doesn't mean you can't bring other things...especially if you love it.

¾ or long sleeves are always a good option. Sleeveless, spaghetti straps, or short "cap" sleeves have a tendency to make upper arms look large and muscular. 

Accessories...can be amazing additions to your look! Hats, scarves, jewelry, flowers, guitar or other musical instruments, books, CDs, balloons, sunglasses, shoes, etc. Make this all about you!

Make sure you have the appropriate undergarments for each outfit. That includes guys. If you're wearing a dark shirt or sweater, include a dark t-shirt as well. Viewers' eyes will go to the point of highest contrast and we don't want that to be your undergarments.

Make-up...Girls...natural make-up is the best option. You want to look like YOU! Pay attention to your eyes and lips. Bring your make-up with you. Professional hair and makeup is also an option.

Hands...Your hands will show in most portraits, so make sure they look how you want them.

Suntans...It's not recommended to have a tan, especially on your face. Tans make faces photograph dark. Look at the magazines; you won't see models with tan faces. Tan/sunburn lines will be retouched at your expense.


Just because it's trendy, don't assume it will look good in pictures. Bold stripes and wild patterns might be fun to wear, but can be very distracting. 

Stay away from neon colors.

Try to stay away from large logos too. Those will really date your photos.

Girls...extremely short skirts and shorts will limit you in your poses.

Girls...if you are 'blessed', wear appropriate necklines. 

Keep in mind that clothing wrinkles will show in your photos. 

Wear clothes that flatter your figure. Flowy tops are adorable, but do nothing to give you shape and may even make you look larger than you are (and who wants that?).